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Inside Out by Amber

Amber Maddison Davies (@ambersostomy)

I'd like to introduce you to Inside Out by Amber. It's where I have the pleasure of uncovering life when something like q chronic illness is thrown into the mix with a variety of guests. As someone with experience of living with chronic, invisible illness and a permanent stoma, as if living some of these things isn't stigmatised enough at times, many topic areas and questions to do with normal daily living are often unspoken of or, difficult to resonate with sometimes making things feel even more confusing, overwhelming and isolating. Not just for those of us going through whatever it may be but, for those around us too. Everybody, should feel empowered, included and represented through the information and sources available to them. So, throughout this podcast, I get to delve into some really interesting topic areas to do with life when something like a stoma, bowel condition or, wider disability / illness are thrown into the mix through having conversations with some pretty fascinating people; from patients, to partners and athletes to healthcare professionals - I can't wait to share them with you! Whether you're a patient, a loved one or simply here to learn and find out more, I'd like to welcome you to this podcast as a little safe space where you're all invited. As the saying goes, there really is no such thing as a stupid question and in fact here, no question, thought or topic is off limits. I hope the podcast brings you a little bit of joy, insight or helps in some way shape or form whether thats by answering an unmet question or by helping you feel less alone. Be sure not to miss an episode and subscribe to the podcast as well as follow on socials to keep up to date and get involved @insideoutbyamber